Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you offer tours of your facility?

Yes, you may contact our office to schedule a tour.

  • Will there be an Open House?

Yes, the date(s) for Open House will be announced and published here and on our social media platform.

  • Do you conduct drills (tornado, fire, etc.)?

The Glen Academy conducts safety drills at least once per month.


Daycare Policies

  • Can parents drop by whenever they’d like or swing by to breastfeed?

What are your visitation policies in general? Who else is allowed to visit during care? Parents can come by anytime.

They can breastfeed right in the classroom or in a private space if they’d like. People allowed to visit or pick up the children must be on the authorized list.

  • What happens if we’re late to pick-up or need to miss a day due to vacation or illness? (payment still due, etc.)

Payment is due for the full week. You are paying for a spot in the program and not by the day. If you’re late to pick up, then it’s $1 per minute for a late fee paid directly to the staff who have to stick around and wait after hours. This usually buys them lunch the next day.

  • What’s your sick-child policy? What are your policies regarding immunizations?

If a child goes home sick, then they must be fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of fever-reducing medication like Tylenol. The same policy applies if they miss school for sickness. We need up-to-date shot records at all times. We will notify you 30 days before the shot records expire.

  • Do you potty-train? If so, what is your procedure?

Yes, we ask what methods the parents use at home and attempt to use the same to potty train during the day so the child is not confused.

  • Do you transport children in a vehicle? Where would you go?

We will pick up after school children up to age 12 at the elementary school and bring them back to supervise homework and do fun activities and outdoor play. During the summer we will do summer camp with field trips to the movies, science center, parks, etc.

  • How, and how often, do you sanitize the toys and materials used by the children?

We sanitize every night when we close the rooms, and we use hospital grade “germ bombs” at the first sign of any communicable illness.


  • What degrees or certifications does your staff have? What training do they have? Do you conduct background checks on all your employees?

Yes, FDLE background checks are performed on all employees. Lead teachers have advanced early learning credentials and assistant teachers are “apprentices” on their way to completing their credentials. The director will have a BA or MA. They receive 24 hours of training every year as part of our APPLE Accreditation and Gold Seal Certification process.

  • Do you have a nurse on staff for medical care? Do you administer medicine and/or emergency allergy treatments?

We will administer emergency allergy medication such as Epi pens but we do not administer any other medication. Physicians will order medication twice a day, morning and evening, so the parents can give medication at home outside school hours.



Safety and Communication

  • How do you keep parents up to date on their kid’s daily activities or behavior? Do you offer a daily report?

We have an app where every day teachers communicate food eaten, diapers changed, photos of the children through the day, etc. Parents love this.

  • What security measures do you take for your facility?

We have a full 32-camera system throughout the entire building. The app is called WatchMeGrow and parents can log in from anywhere and watch their children. We also have a secure lock to get to the classrooms that can only be accessed by each parent having their unique PIN code. Once a person leaves, their code is immediately deactivated.

  • Are you licensed? Are you accredited? By whom?

We are licensed by DCF, Accredited by APPLE (Please visit for more info) and a Gold Seal Certified school by the state of Florida.

  • Do you have references I can contact?

This is the first one in the area so unfortunately not yet, but soon!


The Glen Academy 

The Glen Academy is the perfect home for the best of both worlds: learning and exploration.