Meet Our Staff!

Richard Bercini


We started The Glen Academy because our group saw a need for a quality preschool care facility in the community. At each step of the development process of The Glen Academy, we imagined creating a school our own children would be happy to attend. We look forward to being a good neighbor, for many years to come!

Vickie Jackson


I work in childcare because I love children! It brings me joy to know that I helped with their educational foundation, so they may be successful in our world!

Sarah Zakhari

Assistant Director

I work in childcare because I love children, they make me happy. I love seeing how much children grow and learn. Many people don’t realize how smart kids are, but they will surprise you! They always find a way to put a smile on your face.

Tyrina Mack Alexander


I work in childcare because I’ve always had a love and care for small children. I want to make sure that each child recieves the correct teaching according to his or her learning pattern. As a child, I had dyslexia, so it was difficult to understand what my teacher was teaching. I noticed that my teachers were teaching all kids the same, but not all children learn the same way, so that’s why I took a strong interest in childcare.

CHristine Centeno


Originally, when I first started in childcare, I was an assistant director, but I found myself loving it even more in the classroom. I love to see the growth in my babies and feel a sense of achievement when they learn new skills while in my care.

Aubrey Cleary


I’ve been in childcare for about six years now. I love working with kids; seeing them grow into their own people and develop new skills and hobbies. I’d rather work with children than adults any day of the week and while I may be teaching them, I also learn a lot.

Andrea COllins


I am in childcare because I love what I do. I love children of all ages. They make my day and are a joy to be around. They say the darnest things, but being able to watch them grow, that really amazes me.

Skilyn Kendrick


I work in childcare because it brings me joy to see kids learn and develop everyday life skills and knowing a small part of that is from me teaching them.

Zuleika Martinez


Working in child care is probably one the wildest decisions I had ever made and boy has it changed my life these past 5 years! I enjoy working with children and teaching them all what the world has to offer because these children are our future! So being able teach these amazing little munchkins just brings me happiness and watching them absorb all that we teach them to remember what was taught to them just brings me so much joy!

David Mayor


I work in childcare because my mother, Ms. Elaine, has been in childcare my whole life, so I grew up around the childcare field. All of my service hours in highschool were done at a daycare and I’ve worked in the industry multiple times throughout my life.

ELaine Mayor


I work in childcare because I’m passionate about helping young children and watching them learn and achieve, it is one of the most heartwarming benefits of being a pre-school teacher.

Pamela rush


I work in childcare because I love being around kids. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I have been around babies since I was five years old.

Martha A. Wheeler


I work in childcare because I love children, especially babies. I can communicate with them very well and taking care of my babies makes me feel closer to God!

Mark Bercini

Administrative Assistant

I work here because it’s important to me that the youth today are steered in the right direction and here at The Glen Academy we make sure that’s the case. Every morning I’m met with the smiles of these bright young children, and it shows me that our work is paying off.

Melanie Clark

Social Media Manager

Originally, I came to The Glen Academy because I could see what a great establishment it is and I wanted others to be able to see that, too. My time here has only proved me right, showing me just how well the children here are cared for. I share this through social media so that more parents can find great care for their kids at The Glen Academy.

Millie Rodriguez


I work in childcare because I have four chidren, one boy and three girls, so working with children comes naturally to me. I love to watch the kids eat and enjoy my food.