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Our Curriculum

The Glen Academy promotes infant, early childhood, and youth development through a curriculum based on your child’s individuality. We build skills that provide the foundation for lifelong success. Our facility features age-specific classrooms and outdoor spaces, ensuring safety and an optimal learning experience for children three months to twelve years in age. Through research, we have developed our curriculum to provide not only a fun experience for your child but one that encourages your child’s natural inquisition to explore, learn, grow, interact, and discover.

Summer Camp 2022

Summer Kids Feast


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What is STEAM?

It is never too early to introduce the Glen Academy STEAM curriculum to children. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics. At the Glen Academy, your child will explore and discover new lessons through activities and classes designed to provide the foundation for a successful education. 

Early Childhood Development

Infant, Toddler, and Pre-School Care & Education

We are much, much more than a daycare. Your child will not only enjoy the safe, fun, supervised play, she or he will also be given the tools to begin to develop a lifelong love of learning. Your baby will have an on-going early education experience appropriate for 3-months to preschoolers, based on developmental abilities and how your child learns best (Differentiated Learning).

Knowing each day is filled with carefully designed activities will help relieve the pressure of childcare. And because you can stop in at any time, you can be confident that your child is receiving the educational stimulation, socialization, and play appropriate for his or her age group.

After School Youth Development

Kindergarten through Age 12 Adventures in Learning

Our after-school STEAM enrichment programs reinforce what your child learns in school and may go beyond! Supervised homework not only makes sure it gets done but, even more, important that your child understands the assignment, so real learning takes place. Computer-based and Artistic Adventures are supplemented with Nature Explorations with an educational benefit. Of course, social interaction is always part of the fun, and Glen Academy students can look forward to meeting their friends at the Academy every school day. Glen Academy will offer an educational summer camp when school is out, including field trips to the movies, science center, parks, etc.

We will pick up after school children through age 12 at their elementary school during the school year and bring them to the Academy where parents may pick them up. Healthy snacks will be provided.

The Glen Academy

The Glen Academy is the perfect home for the best of both worlds: learning and exploration.